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M.I Parrott Limited offer a complete and competitively priced service specialising in the laying, replacing and repairing of underground Water Mains and Water Supply Pipes.

We use the latest Trenchless Technology for replacing Water SupplyPipes to minimise disruption to Lawns, Driveways and Paths. Read More

Sewer / Drainage

We can help with any problem with existing drain / sewer or soak away, detecting, repairing or replacing drainage. A big part of our business is specialising in connections to the public sewer in the highway (Sewer Connections).


For NEW installation of drains / sewer or soak away please contact us with your specifications and plans to - Read More


Trenchless Technology

We use Trenchless Technology known as Moling or Directional Drilling to relay all sizes of water Supply Pipes or Water Mains.


This can also be used for the installation of Electric Cables, Duct Work or Gas Pipe Installation.


This helps to minimise mess and disruption to your property Read More


Construction / Civil Engineering

We also under take site clearance excavations for foundations and concreting for new builds and extensions.


We install all services, Water, Sewer, Gas and Electric from the building to the boundary of the property. Read More

Suction Excavator & Grab

A safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of removing material or safely exposing buried cables. Ideal machine to get into tricky places. Read More

"All our work is completed to an excellent standard.

We never fail in achieving a quality job."



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