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Water Services

Maintaining & replacing your underground Water Supplies


Approved underground installers


We undertake all types of water pipe repair and replacement of copper, lead, black poly etc.

We install new blue polyethylene pipe of all sizes with all water fittings which comply with the water regulations act 1999.

We identify leaks with specialist leak detection equipment and our highly trained technicians can carry out the excavation work needed to get to the problem pipe work. Once we have identified the problem we will discuss with you (the customer) the best affordable and economical option as to whether to repair the leak or renew the supply pipe.

We also install new water supply pipes for other reasons ie: more flow for new boilers, extensions to your water supply pipe systems or around a new extension or building.

We also have the latest Trenchless Technology for moleing underground with the minimum disruption to gardens, driveways and paths. For more info see Trenchless Technology.

New Connections We can also undertake new water supply pipe connections on to private water mains using tapping equipment or electro fusion welding top tees / ferrules.

Electro Fusion WeldingWe carry out electro fusion welding / jointing on all polyethylene water or gas pipes from 20mm in diameter to 125mm in diameter. This is a stronger and more reliable way of joining pipes, it is a well known fact that the join is actually stronger than the pipe itself. We can also use electro fusion welding for tapping tees / top tees on to polyethylene water mains or gas mains.


We carry out work in the following areas :


  • Private houses domestic
  • Private estates
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public building
  • Factories commercial
  • Farms
  • Commercial Builds
  • New Builds







Trenchless Technology


Sewers & Drainage


Civils & Construction


Suction Excavator & Grab

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